MonoDroid.ActionBar is now LegacyBar!

Behold! LegacyBar!

Ever since Xamarin renamed Mono for Android to Xamarin.Android with their Xamarin 2.0 release, I have been thinking of a new name for the MonoDroid.ActionBar project.

If you don't know MonoDroid.ActionBar, it is a project which aims to bring an ActionBar across all Android API levels all the way back to API 4! How do we do this? By making our own from scratch mimicking the built in into Android. It started as a quick and dirty port of the android-actionbar by Johan Nilson and quickly people from the Mono for Android community started using it and forking it and one day a guy named James Montemagno started making pull requests on GitHub. Ever since then James and I have been sparring and making changes to the ActionBar implementation.

Now that Xamarin has renamed Mono for Android to Xamarin.Android we thought it was time to rename our project too. Since the ActionBar is meant to support legacy versions of Android, why not call it LegacyBar? So from now on the project is called LegacyBar! My personal aim for LegacyBar from now on is to make it ready to put in the Xamarin Component store, make a bunch of documentation. When that is done extending it to support a lot more of the same things as the native Android ActionBar.

Stay tuned for more LegacyBar goodies and feel free to fork it on GitHub!