Moving The Blog To Jekyll


Ever since 3rd July 2012 this blog has been running on the platform. However, I’ve grown tired of how things are managed in the blogger CMS and how blog posts are written. Especially when adding code blocks it is a huge pain. Since, this blog contains so much code and is mainly about code, I’ve been looking for a better way of writing.

Enter GitHub Pages and Jekyll! Now this blog is static, content is managed on GitHub and posts and pages are written in markdown, which I am used to with documentation for MvvmCross and issues and pull requests on GitHub. If I need to change something, I can install some of the many Jekyll plugins or just quickly change some HTML or CSS, test it locally and push the changes to GitHub, using git which I use all the time for code anyways!

This workflow suits me much better and hopefully this means more focus on writing blog posts for you to read! Also hope you like the makeover of the blog!