Using Android Tiramisu Preview Workloads in Azure Pipelines


Had the pleasure of hitting a bug in the net6.0-android TFM when targeting Android 31. This bug had been fixed in a preview version of the net6.0-android workload, targeting Android 32 or higher.

So question is, how would you set up your CI or even your local environment to run this?

In my specific case I wanted:

  • Android platform for android-Tiramisu
  • .NET workload for android, containing the fix, android-33

The steps to install these are fairly simple. Use Android SDK manager to install the platform. Then use dotnet to install the specific workload.

sdkmanager --install "platforms;android-Tiramisu"

dotnet workload install android-33

This enables me to use net6.0-android33.0 as TFM.

sdkmanager is located in your Android SDK folder to invoke it, you might need to add it to your path or cd into the folder <android-sdk>/cmdline-tools/latest/bin and run ./sdkmanager.

Setting up steps in Azure Pipelines is super easy too:

- script: |
    ${ANDROID_SDK_ROOT}/cmdline-tools/latest/bin/sdkmanager --install "platforms;android-Tiramisu"
  displayName: Install Android SDK for Tiramisu

- task: [email protected]
  displayName: 'Use .NET Core SDK 6.0.x'
    version: 6.0.x

- script: |
    dotnet workload install android
    dotnet workload install android-33
  displayName: Install Android Workloads

Now you should be able to build .net6.0-android33.0 TFMs!